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Emra Controls Product Line Card

TOSIBOX “simplifying secure connectivity of devices”. Centralized real time management of IoT devices, layer 2 access control. Build and manage a secure IoT infrastructure in minutes.

ACT’s enclosure cooling products effectively dissipate heat from sealed electrical and electronic enclosures operating in indoor, outdoor and other types of environments. UL Listed & Nema rated

Manufacturer of pushbuttons, E-Stops, control stations, cam switches, disconnects.

TIMERS & CONTROLS designed for most applications. Versatile & reliable. DIN RAIL TIMERS. PUTTING POWER TO WORK in TRANSPORTATION, INDUSTRY, and AGRICULTURE. Used in APPLIANCES, SPRAYER MISTING SYSTEMS, DIN RAIL Mount CURRENT Sensors with Microprocessors. PHASE MONITORS and Circuit Protectors MICROPROCESSORS and Circuit Protectors. Dual Alternating Motor Controls

Relay manufacturer with electromechanical & solid state products. High quality materials, 100% testing.

Only major relay factory in China that does not use Chinese made contacts.

IBOCO offers an integrated system of specific solutions for panel builders’ needs. This system features 5 styles of duct with up to 35 duct sizes, a complete line of Din rails, and over 40 components and accessories. This combination allows for the simplification and acceleration of panel building operations such as wire retention, identification of equipment/circuits, circuit/wire separation, and the direct mounting of duct and equipment on Din rails. Electrical junction boxes, Non-metallic Enclosures, spiral wrap, wiring duct, Din Rail accessories,
ISo9001 certified, UL, CSA, CE approvals.

VLT & VACON Variable Frequency AC Drives packed with functionality & approvals for marine, ATEX, HVAC, wastewater, pump applications, conveying, PLC and more. Common DC Bus Products, liquid cooled, NEMA 4X.

An industry leader for over 40 years with Epoxy Encapsulation, 20 year warranty on Transformers and 3 Years on Power Supplies. 18 Watts to 150 KVAR with all agency approvals. IP67, Class 1 Div. 2 Power Supplies with NEXT DAY shipments from stock.

Finder manufacturers relays, contactors, timers, thermostats, heaters, surge protection, photovoltaic range, All certifications and approvals. Finder’s high degree of specialization has produced over 10,000 different products with one of the widest ranges available.

ULTRASONIC FLOW & LEVEL Detectors, Ultrasonic Doppler (DFM), PORTABLE DOPPLER Flow Meter. UL/CSA. Open Channel Flow Meters & Transit Time Meters.
NEW DFM 5.0 with Memory Stick Data Output & Computer Input (Windows)
NEW! Portable Clean Water Flow Meter. Portable Area Velocity Flow Meter (STINGRAY)

Touchscreens, HMI’s, Smart HMI’s, HMI-TV, Multi-touch HMI’s and UL Class 1 Division 2 and Fatek PLC’s

Cabinet, containment & enclosure systems, cable management, network cabinets, PDU’s, rack systems.

PHOTO ELECTRIC SENSORS, EZ-PRO, “One Touch”, MARK EYE PRO, SMARTEYE, TINY-EYE, COLOR MARK, EZ EYE, Fiber Optics, UL/CSA, Computerized LABEL EYE Sets up Through Computer Screen.

UV Sensors “See’s” Invisible products. RETRO SMART for CLEAR PRODUCTS, Absolutely will NOT SEE THROUGH CLEAR PRODUCTS. 200 foot LASER (low cost). COLORWISE LABEL DETECTOR.
SmartDot LASER (.032″) High Speed Sensor.

Socomec is the world leader for the disconnect switches, the 5th largest UPS manufacturer in the World and an innovative manufacturer of power meters

Integrated manufacturer (R&D, manufacturing, UL laboratory). Socomec manufactures its own molds (plastic injection)

UL ranges since 20 years, started through private labelling for the major manufacturers in North America (non-fusible, fusible, transfer switches, PV, energy meters & storage)

Socomec Inc. headquarters are in Boston, MA

Integra Enclosures manufactures and markets engineered thermoplastic electrical enclosures designed for use in electrical construction, water treatment, wireless, solar, car wash, telecommunication, instrumentation, utility, machine building, HVAC, or any other application requiring enclosures which are non-corrosive, non-conductive, easy to install and modify, and competitively priced.

Level Sensors for liquid and bulk products. Capacitance, Ultrasonic and Microwave.

AB-CO PURGE specializes in the manufacturing of Y-Type and Z-Type purge and pressurization systems. These systems provide cost effective and easy-to-use solutions to ensure the safety of electrical equipment used in hazardous areas. All systems are made in the USA and are UL certified and FM approved to meet the requirements of NFPA 496.